Dwarf Elves in Faux-Velvet

“This is me when I was about 4 years old. It was taken in Latin America which likely explains the horrific dwarf mask of the guy in back of me. I assume they couldn’t afford elf masks and this was…

Bangkok Sexy Time – Condom Claus

From Huffington Post: “The Condom Claus” lives on a street in Bangkok to promote safe sex. Considering this thing lives in Bangkok, NO, I COULD NOT RESIST: Thanks to our News Girl, Anne for the link!

Cochi India New Year’s Eve Extravaganza

“In Kerala (or at least in Cochin), effigies of Santa Claus get burnt on New Year’s eve” Many thanks to Adrian from Flickr for submitting these great photos. Check out more of his photos here on his Flickr.

Santa’s face wrapped in bandages

Bandages cover the face of a 20-metre (66ft) tall statue of Santa Claus in downtown Auckland, as part of a $100,000 facelift. Click here for the story. Thanks to Eric for sending us the link.