When Santa meets Tiger

Who can say whether Tiger Woods has been naughty or nice? Jeanne Moos reporting from CNN

Conan O’Brien presents Swine Flu Santa

Conan’s staff created a highly entertaining parody addressing swine flu & Santa: And of course, CreepySantaPhotos.com is doing our own part to keep Santa safe:

Bangkok Sexy Time – Condom Claus

From Huffington Post: “The Condom Claus” lives on a street in Bangkok to promote safe sex. Considering this thing lives in Bangkok, NO, I COULD NOT RESIST: Thanks to our News Girl, Anne for the link!

Balloon Boy, Falcon Henne is Mr Hanky, the Christmas Poop?

Happy Holidays from the Strangest Family in America, the Hennes. I hate to contribute to their 15 minutes, but this seemed perfect fodder for Creepy Santa Photos. In the Balloon Boy’s music video, there is a scene where he is…