“I don’t let the cries of my 18 month old son lessen my smile for a photo that I will have to look at for decades to come. My son wouldn’t even look at Santa, so I don’t know what…

Santa gots to pay his elves

An armed suspect dressed as Santa Claus robbed a local bank Tuesday morning and told tellers he was doing so to “pay his elves.” Click here for the rest of the story Thanks to Anne for sending in this story!

Belly full of children…

“My son’s first encounter with Santa was not as exciting for him.” No, I’m pretty sure your son was worried about how exactly Santa became so plump… Thanks Luisa!

Which is more miserable?

“Me, my younger brother and Santa in the early 70’s at Midtown Plaza in Rochester, NY. It’s hard to say which one is the most miserable!” Thanks Bryan!

Grumble Grumble

“My brother and I — probably taken in 1980? We both seem so happy. Santa, on the other hand, does not!” Thanks Debra!

I think an owl ate Santa

“I am in the photo with someone who probably has to knock on his new neighbor’s front doors…” Thanks Tina, I certainly hope not!