Polish Santa scares little girl with his magic wand

“This is a picture of me around 2 or 3 years old (82/83). It was taken in Poland where traditionally the Santa held a giant wand type thing as demonstrated in this picture wrapped in tin foil. It appears that…

RETRO-Creepy Santa

“This is my mum and her sister I believe it was taken in 1971” Thanks Heather!


“This is a shot of my husband, Tripp, and Santa. Santa looks so exhausted and Tripp looks like he’s terrified. I find it funny that someone scribbled out Santa’s face, later. It was probably my husband’s doing as a young…


“I submitted a picture last year and here we are again, same Santa but different reaction. Last year she was young enough to distract, this year… not so much lol” Thanks Jessica!

Retro Santa from 70’s looks like Merlin

“My dad (check out his pants!) is trying to convince me to get on Santa’s lap. I was 2 years old, so this must have been Christmas 1972. My mom sent the photo to me last year. On the back,…