I got a fever and the only cure is MORE DOOR!

“My sister and myself circa 1987 @ the Raleigh Springs Mall Memphis, TN” Thanks Robert! I love that the photographer cut everyone off at the waist in favor of that beautiful archway!

Stockholm Syndrome Santa

“Obviously I survived this event. I even seemed to be enjoying it at the time. Stockholm Syndrome clearly.” Thanks Stewart!

Santa photoshopped with knives and booze

“I got some pictures with my roommates with Santa at the mall, and he was clearly not happy with three grown men taking a picture with him. I added some accessories for effect, but he was legitimately surly.” Very creative,…

Drunk Santa scares kids while looking for his reindeer

“He smelled like alcohol. So I knew it wasn’t the real Santa because Santa doesn’t drink alcohol,” says 9-year-old Katie Dockerty. Click for the video & full article Thanks to our official news correspondent, Anne for the link.

Dwarf Elves in Faux-Velvet

“This is me when I was about 4 years old. It was taken in Latin America which likely explains the horrific dwarf mask of the guy in back of me. I assume they couldn’t afford elf masks and this was…

Santa’s coat is tucked creepily in his pants

maybe he has a hernia from lifting too many chubby kids? “I’m the one immediately to the right of drunken Santa’s partially exposed junk.” Thanks Rob! Glad you kept your distance!