“Five more seconds, I make a break for it.”

ho ho no3

Submitted by Radio Rover

“First, I would love to say this is a “found photo” so I could claim total innocence or a photo of myself but the truth is that I was asked to scan in some photos for a friend who wants me to put together a slide show for a birthday party. So I guess the moral of the story is don’t trust me with your photo albums if it’s sporting a Creepy Santa pic in it because I just can’t keep these gems, like this one, under wraps.

In this photo we obviously have three people who probably wish they were some where else doing something else. Santa has a look on his face that indicates either he is jonesing real bad for a drink of Thunderbird or it could be he’s pondering the life long question of what’s it all about and what the hell did I do to deserve this? Both of these are usually followed up with “I should of listened to my mother and stayed in school”. Either way, this Santa is miserable so who can blame these little kids for having an expression of utter disappointment. No kid should ever get their photo taken with a Santa who doesn’t give a shit enough to smile and ho ho a bit. After all that’s what the real Santa would do. “