Nearly everyone has known someone to be scared of Santa Claus or has been that kid wetting their pants on the jolly man’s lap. Santa knows when we’ve been sleeping. He knows if we’ve been bad or good. He can be kind of scary! This blog is dedicated to collecting photos, videos, etc. that capture the sometimes strange, sometimes scary, always fun interaction people and pets have with Santa Claus.

It is our hope that visitors approach this website with a good sense of humor and perhaps a desire to submit photos of Santa with themselves or friends/family members.

Don’t let our *CREEPY* name fool you. We are in no way suggesting any person or Santa Claus featured on this website is creepy, a creep, or a bad person in any way! We do our best to keep the humor light and non-offensive. The origin of the name, “Creepy Santa Photos” arrived from Googling several phrases. People worldwide simply prefer the term “Creepy Santa” to find photos than they do “Scary”, “Silly”, or other such descriptors.

If you are a Santa or another person in one of these photos and you would like to plug your business, add a couple words to the post, attach a link to your website, or have another request– please use the contact form and we will do our best for you! Please provide a URL link to the post, your valid email, and solid proof you are who you say you are. We will not post questionable materials or links if we cannot verify your relation to the photo.

If you are the subject in a photo or the rightful copyright owner of a photo and you wish for the photo to be removed from this blog, please use the contact form to send such proof along with a URL link and we will be happy to oblige. Please Click Here for more details.

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