Manilla dogs dressed in Santa Outfits

Dogs dressed in Santa Claus outfits pose during a fundraising event in suburban Manila, Philippines, on Sunday Dec. 14, 2008. The event is aimed to help an animal rehabilitation center for over 500 dogs and cats which were said to…

Conan O’Brien presents Swine Flu Santa

Conan’s staff created a highly entertaining parody addressing swine flu & Santa: And of course, is doing our own part to keep Santa safe:

Santa stuffing child in sack. Because… why?

I’m going to tell myself Santa is only trying to give the boy a better view of the goodies. You can buy a print of this from rodneysbookstores on Ebay. We are not affiliated with the seller of this item

Santa riding an ostrich

A member of staff dressed as Santa Claus rides an ostrich at a zoo in Wuhan, China Picture: REUTERS A zoo worker dressed up as Santa Claus rides an ostrich at a zoo in Wuhan, central China’s Hubei province, Sunday,…

Bangkok Sexy Time – Condom Claus

From Huffington Post: “The Condom Claus” lives on a street in Bangkok to promote safe sex. Considering this thing lives in Bangkok, NO, I COULD NOT RESIST: Thanks to our News Girl, Anne for the link!

Caught in the Act – a vintage photo

1900 Hand Colored Santa Photo On Wood Under Glass, signed The Ullman Co. copyright 1900. New York 7 1/2 by 6 1/8 inches. You can buy this from mcrawo from Ebay.