Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Larry David?!?!

ho ho no2

Submitted by Radio Rover

“I am a month shy of turning 3 years old in this photo. This Santa would bring up the Stranger Danger alert as any kid who knows that the real St. Nick DOES NOT WEAR black rimmed glasses. While the chair is pretty cool, notice on the right bottom corner there is an electrical outlet showing and what’s the deal with the tassle on the top right? I guess they ran out of money for any sort of real decorations to make it really look like a real Santa pic and were more interested in soaking parents for a few bucks to have their photo taken with the old dude. Wouldn’t want to cut into the bottom line would we Mr. Gimbel? Nice work Mr. Photographer! While I look at this photo in 2006, Santa is clearly a dead ringer for Larry David. Was I scared? You’re damn right I was.”